Rich Switzer

Rich Switzer


Coach Rich started CrossFit in 2017 and earned his CF-L1 two years later in 2019.  Rich is generous and thoughtful, always willing to lend a hand not only at the box, but to anyone who is in need of some TLC.  It’s not surprising to us that he loves the community aspect of CrossFit; it’s his chance to connect with the members and spread his good cheer.  
Rich loves CrossFit because it gives him inspiration to live healthier and stronger and to be a better athlete.  He loves the challenges of learning new skills and how the movements work together to make us stronger overall, especially functional “every day” movement.  One of his favorite workouts to demonstrate this symphony of skills is “Murph”, a tribute to a fallen soldier.  
An avid beekeeper and outdoorsman, Rich loves hunting, fishing, hiking and raising chickens.  He will give up his outdoor time if you tempt him with some barbell work: front squats and cleans or even “Fight Gone Bad”, one of his favorites (and coincidentally, the first workout we ever did at TakeBack!)  He has affectionately earned the nickname Sandbagger because he will try to convince you that he will be “slow” while he sails past you in a workout.   Quick to share a joke or lend an ear, he’s our social butterfly and we are lucky to have him on our team.

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