Andy Marrero

Coach/Olympic Lifting Coach
Andy Marrero


Our longest running coach on staff, Andy has been with us since almost since day one.  He is an accomplished coach, both in Olympic Lifting and youth sport-specific training.  Andy is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge; if there is a drill or movement, Andy knows it and can demo it flawlessly. 

A perfectionist when it comes to movement, Andy has been training for over 12 years and he also writes programming for our Olympic Lifting program or for clients with individualized goals with On the Roll Performance.  He loves accessory work and technology for tracking progress – he has gadgets to measure everything from running speed to grip strength.  When he’s not tracking you down to offer extra accessory work, you can find him deadlifting at the box and dancing in between sets (both are his favorite movements!)  Indeed, any coach that comes in after Andy is sure to find some type of unique playlist     queued up.  When it comes to CrossFit he loves the community that it builds and he loves that the members at CFTB engage with each other inside and outside of the gym.  

Andy’s passion is jiu-jitsu but don’t let that grappling fool you.  He is patient, kind and calm under pressure.  His quiet demeanor makes him a favorite among our more laid back members, but during a workout he will push those members who aren’t giving it their best which also makes him a favorite with our fire breathers!  We are grateful to Andy for his loyalty and dedication to TakeBack and we love watching him grow as a coach and athlete. 

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