Donna Leyden

Donna Leyden


The newest addition to our coaching staff, Coach Donna is also dedicated member who takes the early morning class, despite having to wake up before the sun (she leaves her house at 4:30am!)  She started CrossFit in 2017 and earned her CF-L1 in 2022.   She loves that CrossFit has helped to improve her health and prepared her for all kinds of challenges, both physical and mental.  She loves the community aspect of CrossFit and the people she gets to meet.  You can spot her out on a Spartan course (check out her picture!) or competing in a CrossFit competition (she would make a great partner as she is probably the only person in the box, and possibly the world, that likes thrusters AND burpees.)

Donna is always looking to improve, seeking out drills or technique advice in order to perfect her skills.  This curiosity shines through in her coaching where she provides individualized attention to her members, gently giving suggestions for improvement.  She enjoys doing cleans and (on good days) snatches.  Donna carries a degree as a professional chef so hit her up for some recipes or leftovers next time you are in class!  Outside the kitchen and the gym, she enjoys gardening and spending time with her grandson.  A Spanish teacher by trade, she has easily settled in as a CrossFit coach at TakeBack with her infectious positivity and happiness.  We look forward to retirement from her “real job” so she can spend more time with us at the box.

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