Jess D

Jess D


Coach Jess has been doing CrossFit since 2015 and entered the coaching arena six years later by getting her CF-L1 in 2021.  She loves coaching the new members in her on-ramp sessions and then watching them go and get fit and find a community at our box.  

CrossFit is her favorite “me-time”:  It doesn’t matter what else is going on in life or what other stressors she has, CrossFit takes her out of her head and into her body.  The breathing and counting (and yes she counts her reps honestly!) and remembering what movement to do next will consume her focus and everything else outside the box disappears.   She’s not going to turn cartwheels over a running workout, but if there’s a heavy power clean workout, she just might impress you with her enthusiasm.  Not only is Jess beastly strong, but she hones in on perfecting her technique and taking the time to break down her own movement and make improvements where needed.  When she’s not in the box, you can find her gardening outside in the summer and baking in the kitchen, especially bread.  

Jess gives us high praise, calling the environment at TakeBack “the most supportive and inclusive place anyone could choose to be” but the fact of the matter is that Coach Jess is a major piece of that puzzle.  She is friendly and welcoming, quick with a laugh and easy to talk to.  She will celebrate your “wins” and genuinely wants to see you succeed. 

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