Shanon Catello

Shanon Catello


A veteran CrossFitter, Coach Shanon has been doing CrossFit for 12 years.  An experienced CFL1, she finds that watching members progress past their expectations is the most rewarding part of her job.  Her contributions to TakeBack range from coaching to being the proud mama to our box mascot, Riley, to being the creator of our TakeBack skull logo.  Which one is Shanon? She’s the one stretching in the corner and getting ready to put on an absolute clinic on the assault bike and barbell.  As the number one consumer of chalk here at TakeBack, Shanon recently earned the title of Chalk Champion and dares anyone to use more chalk than she does.  Not only does Shanon have a great sense of humor but she’s friendly and open, as evidenced by the people from the CrossFit community that have become some of her very closest friends.  

Outside of the box, Shanon loves conning her friends into doing triathlons (anchoring the bike leg), watching sporting events, particularly NFL games, hiking and putting time into her art and graphic design passion

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